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Solar Energy

Renewable Power Unit (RPU)

High Performance Solar Hybrid Generators

A Diesel Generator Replacement - A Solar/Battery/Diesel hybrid designed to replace conventional 25 kW, 120/240V split-phase diesel generators in a wide variety of applications: construction offices, temporary power for residential and small commercial facilities, communication equipment, powering construction and repair tools, powering events, providing permanent off-grid power supply for dwellings as well as remote scientific, communication, and military facilities. These units feature a set of industry-standard connections and is fully EPA Tier IV compliant. In most applications the WestGen RPU-25 will provide 75% reduction in fuel consumption and maintenance costs, resulting in both lower lifetime operating cost and a significantly lower carbon footprint as compared to conventional diesel equipment. When combined with additional Mobile Solar Modules, the operating costs and fuel consumption can be even further reduced.

Mobile Microgrid Applications - The RPU-25 is configured to act as a mobile, behind-the-meter microgrid right out of the box, combining a behind-the meter smart inverter with solar/battery storage system and a back-up generator. The system is capable of lowering the electrical bill during grid-connected operation as well as supplying emergency power in case of grid failure - without any interruption in power supply, making it ideal for mission-critical applications. During the off-grid operation, performing maintenance on the system’s diesel component does not lead to interruption in power supply, making the system capable of 100% availability over extended periods of off-grid operation.

Security and defense applications - The RPU-25 is built on a heavy-duty, off-road capable and air-liftable platform, making it ideally suited for security and defense applications. Low maintenance requirements, low fuel consumption and an ability to run with no fuel at all makes it highly resilient and reduces exposure for personnel in hostile environments. LiFePO4 batteries dramatically increase fire safety as compared to Li-Ion battery systems.  Standard features include the ability to program “quiet time” to eliminate all noise and exhaust emissions, and provide radically reduced IR and RF signatures. Available optional features include run-flat tires, 24V trailer electrical system, 24V DC output, black-out running lights; low-glare, abrasion-resistant PV panel coating; standard mil-spec paint with full coverage, a self-sealing fuel tank and a JP-8 compatible fuel system.

No-fuel operation is possible at a reduced average power consumption.

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