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Solar Energy

WestGen Mobile Solar Module

Easily deployable mobile solar systems

Extend solar generating capacity of the WestGen Hybrid 25 - Each Mobile Solar Module doubles the solar power generating capacity of WestGen Hybrid 25 series generators, allowing further reduction in diesel fuel consumption and further decreasing maintenance and re-fueling events. The modular, mobile extension of solar capacity means that deploying a larger system does not require larger vehicles or a larger contiguous unshaded area on-site.

Power supply to DC loads and battery charging - The Module can directly supply power to DC systems (e.g. in remote telecommunication applications) and allows for an easy retrofit transforming any stationary DC generator/battery system into a solar hybrid. No permanent installation is required, and unlike permanent photovoltaic installations, equipment can be easily secured and relocated during an adverse event, like a hurricane, and be quickly redeployed afterwards.

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